March 17th Morning


PG Course: The Skinny on New Weight Loss Techniques

7:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Session Chair: Marina Kurian, MD
Session Co-chair: Matthew Kroh, MD

Session Description

Obesity and weight-related co-morbid disease continue to significantly impact the health of a large portion of the population. New endoscopic techniques are available to help stem the epidemic that we are facing. This course outlines what is new and promising in the field of obesity treatment and what the outcomes can be.

Session Objectives

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe novel surgical and endoscopic treatments for obesity

  • Recognize gaps in their own practice and where these treatments may fit in

  • Construct a new program to incorporate into their practice

Session Outline

Time Presentation Title Faculty Name

PG Course: The Skinny on New Weight Loss Techniques



Marina Kurian, MD


Intragastric Balloons and Liners: Reshape

Jaime Ponce, MD
7:55am Intragastric Balloons and Liners: Orbera

Jeff Allen, MD

8:15am Intragastric Balloons and Liners: Obalon Robert Joshua Bowles, MD
8:30am Intragastric Balloons and Liners: Allurion

Daniel Jones, MD



Santiago Horgan, MD
9:00am Duodenal Bypass Liners

Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD PhD

9:15am Q&A Panel Discussion All faculty



Suturing and More: Gastric Stimulation

Marc Bessler, MD

Suturing and More: POSE

Thomas Lavin, MD

Suturing and More: Endoscopic Sleeve

Reem Sharaiha, MD

Suturing and More: Magnetic Bypass

Christopher Thompson, MD

Suturing and More: AspireAssist

Shelby Sullivan, MD

Q&A Panel Discussion

All faculty

Concluding Remarks

Matthew Kroh, MD

Karl Storz Lecture 

“Healthcare Delivery: From Flesh and Bones to Bits and Bites”

SAGES does not offer CME for this session

11:15AM - 12:00PM

Speaker: Yulun Wang, PhD
Yulun Wang is the founder of InTouch Health, named one of the top 100 health companies in the US by Inc. Magazine. InTouch develops telemedicine systems that allow physicians to diagnose and consult with patients from remote locations. Yulun Wang has long been a pioneer in medical technology, with over 100 patents in his name. After earning his PhD in electrical engineering, he founded Computer Motion and invented the first FDA-approved surgical robot, known as Aesop, which was widely used in minimally invasive surgery. Computer Motion went public in 1997 and later merged with Intuitive Surgical. Wang has received numerous entrepreneurship and leadership awards and was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2011. He is on the board of directors at Novaerus and the American Telemedicine Association, and is a member of the Engineering Advisory Board at UC Santa Barbara.

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